Stage 2 prepare the Kingfish Cronulla

Would You Like Some Sushi With Your Fishing?

Making Sushi from a Kingfish

Late last year on one of our fishing charters near Cronulla we caught this nice 67cm Kingfish and decided to have it for a light snack before lunch. It was beautiful!
The Skipper and Iron Chef Mal decided to make a little sushi lunch for the crew and fishermen from a freshly caught Kingfish. In no time Mal cleaned and filleted the Kingfish. Then he sliced up the fish and served it on a plate with soy sauce and wasabi. What a life!

Stage 1

Stage 1 catch the Kingfish Cronulla

Stage 2

Stage 2 prepare the Kingfish Cronulla

Stage 3

Stage 3 serve the Kingfish Cronulla

Stage 4

Stage 4 eat the Kingfish Cronulla

Catch the Kingfish

Prepare the Kingfish

Serve the Kingfish

Eat the Kingfish