Tuna Albacore Fishing Seasons Sydney

When fishing for Tuna Albacore in Sydney the high season is in from the months of September to December and in April and May. Fishermen generally employ trolling that have artificial lures and live or dead baits to lure the Albacore.

Tuna Albacore fishing season Cronulla Sydney

Fish Details

  • Size: 9 kilograms - 20 kilograms
  • Food Rating: Excellent
  • Territory: Offshore
Tuna Albacore fishing Cronulla Sydney

About Tuna Albacore

The scientific name for the Tuna Albacore is Thunnus alalunga.
Thermocline fishing Cronulla Sydney
How to identify an Albacore Tuna

  • Very long pectoral fins
  • The body is dark blue on top
  • The lower body is silver-white
  • The fins are also dark blue on top and fading to a light yellow
  • The mouth is large and they have big eyes

Where to Catch Tuna Albacore
The Albacore tuna is a migratory fish that travels great distances. They are open sea hunters that travel in schools. They like to feed on squid, fish and crustaceans. They tend to dive to 400 metres when searching for food.

If tuna is the only fish that you are wanting to catch then trolling will give you the biggest advantage. Trolling gives you the advantage of covering a lot of area. You will be looking for water where baits congregate in numbers. These areas are known as thermoclines. It is where there is a significant change in water temperature. Bait congregate and in turn attract predators.

Sunrise morning fishing and sunset afternoon fishing are when most anglers land a yellowfin tuna. However, tide changes also alter their behaviour. The tide can agitate the water and the yellowfin tuna can venture closer to shore in search of food. If you are leaving from the Cronulla Wharf or Bundeena wharf you will be in deep sea ocean in no time.

Dropping lures and trolling should increase your chances of catching a Yellowfin Tuna. Yellowfin Tuna are creatures of habit. We keep a diary as to their movements in relation to moons, tides, time of day and so on. We want to maximise the chances of anglers who board our boats the best chance of catching these amazing fish.

What Do You Need for Fishing in Sydney?
On all our fishing and deep sea fishing charters in Sydney, all you need to bring are the right clothes depending on the weather conditions. We will supply everything else including bait, fishing rods and reels and fishing licence. At the end of our fishing trip, you get to keep what you catch.  We have 3 purpose build fishing vessels that have all the facilities and amenities you require.