Summer kingfish close to shore

In the summer months kingfish are abundant along the rocks of south Sydney, not always the biggest kingfish every day but we normally get to take home a couple of legal fish, the smaller kingfish are too fast for the bigger brother.Last season the average fish was around 60cm but omg did we catch some, any given day we would bring in more than a few fishing with some of the crazier days seeing catches of over 50 fish in a short period of time.

Last season was the first season we saw the smaller fishing preferring dead bait over live bait. with the most popular being squid strips… fresh.fresh.fresh.

The technique of anchoring in the correct location on the day, using the right bait, burly just enough, and some solid experience shows us that the kings are there for the taking. we here at Cronulla are very much looking forward to a big season on the inshore kins this summer.

The beautiful fleet of boats we own will do everything try and make the day as fun and exciting as possible for you and your friends.

BEST FISHING CHARTER EVER ! Just love Cronulla and PortHacking.