There is a growing trend for people to start fishing for SQUID in Sydney.

Squid is something that most people LOVE to eat but really don’t know how or where to catch them.

Sydney Premium Charters specialise is Squid / Green Eye Calamari charters based out of the Port Hacking River Cronulla.

You can choose to bring your own gear, or use ours… our only prerequisite is that you HAVE FUN !!!!

Although all year, the BIG squid are mainly caught off Sydney in the colder months of July – Nov.

All squid LOVE the rocks and weed so there is plenty of good grounds to find these awesome creatures..

Knowing where to find the BIG ones is the secret.

Book a trip with us and we combine Squid, Kingfish and Flathead for a 6.5hr charter.

Any questions, give us a call…