Pink Snapper Fishing Seasons Sydney

Fishing for snapper in Sydney is something all anglers should do for their next fishing trip. You may heard the fish term pinkies. This is what most fishermen refer to as Pink Snapper.  Pink snapper are chased for their excellent taste and the challenges they provide for anglers with all types of experience.

Pink snapprer fishing season Sydney

Fish Details

  • Size: 5 - 10 kg
  • Food Rating: Excellent
  • Territory: Reef, nearshore and offshore
Pink snapper fishing Cronulla Sydney

About Pink Snapper

The scientific name for Pink Snapper is Pagrus Auratus.

How to identify a Pink Snapper
Typically the tail, side fins and top half of the body are pink in colour. Along the upper body you will see a series of blue spots. These blue spots can fade as the pink snapper gets older. The fins at the bottom can range from pale pink to a creamy white. The larger pink snapper sometimes have a large bony bulge on the snout. Pink snapper are a desired fishing species as the are excellent eating. Alot of fishermen refer to Pink Snapper as Pinkies.

Where to Catch Snapper

Snapper or Pinkies are usually found close to shore or by reefs in the deep sea. The average size of the catch is between 3 to 5 kilograms using a light fishing line. But dont be surprised if you hook onto a Pinkie thats around 10 kilograms.
During the peak season the harbour of Sydney can become crowded. Our skipper will set off from the Cronulla Wharf and be in the ideal fishing spots in minutes. And there will be more fish and they will be bigger! It is best to catch snapper is in the early morning fishing or later afternoon fishing are the best times to catch Pink Snapper off the coast of Cronulla, Sydney. The pink snapper swim in depths ranging from 20 metres to 200 metres. And generally the further you are from shore the bigger the snapper get.

How to catch a Pink Snapper

Pink snapper, also known as pinkies, are a popular and delicious species of fish that can be found in the waters off the coast of Australia and New Zealand. Here are a few tips for catching pink snapper:

  • Location: Pink snapper are typically found in coastal waters, particularly around rocky headlands, reef, and drop-offs. They also tend to congregate around schools of baitfish, so look for areas where baitfish are breaking the surface or where birds are diving into the water.
  • Time of year: Pink snapper are typically caught all year round. However, the best time to catch them is during the warmer months when the water is warmer and the fish are more active.
  • Technique: Bottom fishing with baits such as squid, pilchards, or worms is a common method for catching pink snapper. Use a berley trail to attract the fish to your bait and a running sinker rig to keep your bait on the bottom.
  • Bait: Live bait such as worms, squid, pilchards, and prawns are effective for catching pink snapper.
  • Gear: Use a strong fishing rod and reel with a fast action and a good drag system. Use a braided line with a fluorocarbon leader of at least 30 lb test.

What bait do i use to catch a Pink Snapper fish?

Pink snapper, also known as pinkies, will take a variety of baits, but some of the most effective baits for catching them include:

  • Live bait: Live worms, squid, pilchards, and prawns are all effective baits for catching pink snapper. These baits should be hooked through the nose or behind the dorsal fin to mimic the natural swimming action of the baitfish.
  • Dead bait: Dead baits such as squid, pilchards, and prawns can also be effective for catching pink snapper. These baits should be fished on a weighted rig or with a slow-trolling technique.
  • Soft Plastics: Soft plastic lures can also be effective for catching pink snapper. These lures should be fished with a slow-jigging technique or by casting and retrieving.
  • Berley: Using a berley trail to attract the fish to your bait can be a very effective way to increase your chances of catching pink snapper. This can be made of fish scraps or commercial berley.

It's also important to remember that the best baits will vary depending on the location, time of year, and water conditions. It's always a good idea to ask local anglers or charter boat captains for advice on the best baits to use in a specific area.

It's also important to note that Pink snapper is a highly valued table fish, and therefore it's important to check the local regulations and size limits before catching them. Also, try to release them alive if possible to protect the population.

What Do You Need for Fishing in Sydney?
On all our fishing and deep sea fishing charters in Sydney all you need to bring are the right clothes depending on the weather conditions. We will supply everything else including bait, fishing rods and reels and fishing licence. At the end of our fishing trip you get to keep what you catch.  We have 3 purpose build fishing vessels that have all the facilities and amenities you require.