October and Snapper Fishing is on Fire off Cronulla

We are very please that the snapper are still around at this time of year. When I say Snapper I mean the bg mean ones you generally find only in the deep of Winter.

If you have a look at our Face book page you will see what I mean by SNAPPER !!! WOOT !!


We are delighted and confident these bad boys will be around for the next few weeks and longer hopefully.

Cronulla Port hacking is seeing Whales still trucking down the coast along with a heap of Cuttlefish and we all know that the snapper follow the cuttlefish. Great Kingfish bait too… a lovely tentacle will get you that red that might pass up a pilchard.

October and Snapper Fishing is on Fire off Cronulla – we love it –¬†Perhaps a fishing Christmas Party is for you and the crew this year ?


Cronulla Fishing Charters Port hacking


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