Octopus circle fishing hook

Ocotpus Circle Fishing Hooks

Octopus Circle fishing hooks are a great hook for all types of offshore fishing. The octopus circle design does the work for you as the fish hook themselves. The size we use is 3/0 and catch anything from flathead to large Kingfish even Mako Sharks.

With paternoster dropper-style rigs or just regular boat fishing with cut bait, this offset circular design is the ideal deepwater bottom fishing hook.

When using an octopus circle hook, you may usually avoid gut hooking, which leaves fish with little to no chance of surviving if they are caught and released.

J-hooks have a propensity to deep hook fish and puncture organs, which causes mortality, but circle hooks have been demonstrated to prevent deep hooking of fish. Due to quicker de-hooking periods and a decrease in deep hooking, circle hooks can significantly boost the striped bass' capacity to survive following catch-and-release fishing.

Octopus circle fishing hooks
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