Morwong Fishing Seasons Sydney

The best time of the year to catch Morwong fish in Sydney is all year round. The Morwong feed on the sea-floor and can be found in depths ranging from 10 metres to 400 metres. The Morwong is a good eating fish.

Morwong fishing seasons Cronulla Sydney

Fish Details

  • Size: 4.5 kilograms
  • Length: Up to 70cm
  • Food Rating: Good
  • Territory: Offshore 10 - 400 metres
Morwong Jackass bag limits Cronulla NSW

About Morwong Fish

The scientific name for the Morwong is Cheilodactylus spectabilis.  Other breeds of Morwong are Banded Morwong, Blue Morwong, Grey Morwong and Red Morwong. They have a variety of names such as Jackass Fish, Perch, Sea Bream, Seine-boat Morwong, Silver Perch, Deep Sea Perch, Morwong, Mowi, Mowie and Squeeker Perch. In New Zealand they are known as Tarakihi and Terakihi. Morwong on average lives for 16 years. The female lifespan can be as long as 40 years. Reproductive age is reached around 3 years.
Where to catch Morwong fish Sydney

How to identify a Morwong Fish

  • Spiny dorsal fin dark silver in colour
  • The lower body is silver to white
  • Narrow silver-grey side fins
  • Dark y-shaped tail fin

Where to Find and Catch Morwong

This Morwong is part of the Cheilodatylidae family. The Morwong are found on the east coast around the Great Australian Bite to Perth in Australia from depths ranging between 10 - 400 metres and they feed at night. They can weigh up to 4.5 kilograms. The juveniles tend to swim in shallow reefs.  They prey on Polychaete worms, crustaceans, molluscs and echinoderms. Morwong is considered good fish to eat and are a good substitute for snapper. Typically Morwong are caught in depths from 70 metres to 170 metres.


How To Fillet A Morwong

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