Mahi Mahi Fishing Seasons Sydney

Dolphin Mahi Mahi fishing in Sydney have varying season throughout the year. The peak season is from December to February and December. The lowest part of the season to catch Mahi mahi is from may to August. However the season can run all year.

Mahi mahi fishing season Cronulla Sydney

Fish Details

  • Size: 7 kilograms - 15 kilograms
  • Food Rating: Excellent
  • Territory: Offshore

About Mahi Mahi or Dolphinfish

The scientific name for the Mahi Mahi is Coryphaena hippurus.

Mahi Mahi dwell on the surface and you can find them in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical waters.

Is the Mahi Mahi a dolphin? No, Mahi Mahi is not related to dolphins. Mahi Mahi is a Hawaiian name meaning very strong. In Spanish, they are called Dorado.

How to identify a Mahi Mahi

  • This should be easy as it is very distinctive looking
  • A very prominent forehead
  • Rich iridescent blue and green in colour
  • Light and dark spots on either sides
  • Males are larger than females
  • Extremely fast swimmers

Where to Catch Mahi Mahi

The Mahi-Mahi can be found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate oceans. The dolphinfish is pelagic, meaning they don't live near the bottom or close to shore. They run in schools and are migratory. Mahi has been known to be caught from a pier. They like to move near floating objects like buoys and seaweed. But in reality, the is an open ocean fish that inhabits the surface.

What Do You Need for Fishing in Sydney?
On all our fishing and deep sea fishing charters in Sydney all you need to bring are the right clothes depending on the weather conditions. We have morning fishing trips and afternoon fishing trips. We will supply everything else including bait, fishing rods and reels and fishing licence. At the end of our fishing trip you get to keep what you catch.  We have 3 purpose build fishing vessels that have all the facilities and amenities you require.