Cronulla Fishing tours Sydney

Gummy Sharks, Snapper, and Flathead Sydney Charter boat Cronulla

A days fishing off Cronulla with the boys at Sydney premium Charters produced more fish than on this day than I have caught in 10 years and several other charter boats companies….
Yes – what a cracker day starting early at 5.30 am and hitting the ground on our super speedy Game fisher 38 foot fishing catching beats. Only 6 on board and wow did we catch, I think we probably had one of the best days ever with a small group of guys needing to take breaks every 1/2 hour for long periods – you know you have had a good days fishing. Snapper after snapper along with 2 beautiful eating Gummy sharks and a heap of deep dwelling species including 2 different types of perch, some small red fish, Gurnards, ( latchet ) Blue spot and Tiger flat head, Flounder, leather jacket, Whiting, Pig fish and more. Mc wow.

By mick nmal Fishing Charters