Grey Morwong


Grey Morwong, Nemadactylus douglasii (Hector, 1875)

The Grey Morwong is a good eating fish, found in commercial quantities. It can be recognised by its colour and pectoral fin shape.

Standard Common Name

Grey Morwong

Alternative Name/s

Blue Morwong, Butterfish, Douglas Morwong, Eastern Blue Morwong, Great Perch, Lubra-lip, Mowie, Porae, Rubberlip Morwong, Rubberlip Perch, Silver Morwong


The Grey Morwong can be recognised by its colour and pectoral fin shape. It is silvery blue, with the upper surface sometimes tinted yellow or brown. The median fins are blue.

Size range

The species grows to 81 cm in length.


The Grey Morwong is recorded from southern Queensland to Tasmania and also from New Zealand.

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