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Gemfish is a bottom-feeding fish that are found to depths of 800 metres. Gemfish is also known as Hake and is a good eating fish. Gemfish grows fast and has a lifespan of around 10 years.

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Fish Details

  • Size: Up to 40 kilograms
  • Length: Up to 1.35 metres
  • Food Rating: Good
  • Territory: Offshore to 800 metres
Gemfish fishing Cronulla Sydney NSW

About Gemfish

The scientific name for the Femfish is Rexea solandri.
Gemfish fishing Cronulla Sydney Australia

How to identify a Gemfish

  • Iridescent blue above. This becomes darker when caught.
  • Silver body below
  • Elongated compressed body
  • The mouth is large are recedes back to under the eyes
  • Gemfish has two dorsal fins and two separate finlets.
  • Large front fang-like teeth and smaller teeth at the back

Where to Catch Gemfish

The typical habitat of Gemfish is in deep water in and around ledges and canyons. They swim in schools to a depth of up to 800 metres and in Australia can be found from 100 - 500 metres in depth. When fishing for Gemfish we suggest whole mullet or squid as bait as they will stay on the hook on their descent to the ocean sea-floor. The use of iridescent sticks helps as they illuminate the dark deep water surroundings and attract the fish. The main predators of the Gemfish are larger fish, sharks, eels and seals. The Gemfish is good to eat.  The best time to catch Gemfish is in the winter fishing months.

How to catch a Gemfish

To catch a gemfish, you can use the following steps as a guide:

  1. Choose the right gear: A fishing rod and reel with a strong line and appropriate tackle for gemfish are necessary.
  2. Locate a good fishing spot: Gemfish are found in deep ocean waters, often near the continental shelf, so it may be necessary to use a boat to reach the right spot.
  3. Bait the hook: Live bait or cut bait are good options for gemfish. Sardines, squid, and pilchards are common choices for bait.
  4. Cast your line: Cast your line into the water and wait for a bite. Gemfish are known to be aggressive feeders, so be prepared for a strong pull on the line when a fish is caught.
  5. Reel in the fish: Reel in the line slowly and steadily, keeping the rod tip high to tire out the fish. Be careful not to let the fish pull too hard, as this can break the line.

Note: It's important to follow fishing regulations, such as size and catch limits, to ensure sustainable fishing practices and maintain the health of gemfish populations.

What bait do i use to catch a Gemfish?

Gemfish are known to be aggressive feeders, and they can be caught using a variety of baits, including:

  1. Live bait: Sardines, squid, and pilchards are common choices for live bait.
  2. Cut bait: Gemfish can also be caught using cut bait, such as mackerel, herring, or mullet.
  3. Lures: Jigs and soft plastic lures can also be used to catch gemfish, especially in deeper waters where live bait may not be readily available.

It's always a good idea to experiment with different types of bait to see what works best in a particular location and time of year.

Deep Sea Fishing for Gemfish in Sydney

On all our fishing and deep-sea fishing charters in Sydney, all you need to bring are the right clothes depending on the weather conditions. We will supply everything else including bait, fishing rods and reels and a fishing licence. At the end of our fishing trip, you get to keep what you catch.  We have 3 purpose built fishing vessels that have all the facilities and amenities you require.