Flounder Fishing Seasons Sydney

The best time to catch Flounder in Sydney is all year round. The flounder is a bottom-feeding fish that has small teeth  and is usually found on the sandy or silty bottoms of estuaries and bays.

Flounder fishing seasons Cronulla Sydney

Fish Details

  • Size: Up to 2.7 kilograms
  • Length: From 22 cm Up to 55 cm
  • Food Rating: Excellent
  • Territory: Inshore, Beach

About Flounder Fish

The scientific name for the Flounder is Pseudorhombus jenynsii.
Flounder fishing Cronulla Sydney

How to identify a Flounder Fish

  • Oval shaped flat body with a large mouth.
  • About 5 dark spots or blotches on one side of the body
  • Pale in colour on the other side of the body
  • There are about 40 species of Flounder
  • Usually brown in colour with either red, orange, green and blue markings

The Flounder can change its colour depending on its environment. They say the paler the flounder gets relates to how they feel when threatened. The Flounder is most active during the night. This is an ambush predator that feeds on other fish, shrimps and crabs. They use their fins to bury themselves in the sand and are very patients when hunting prey. Their natural predators are people, sharks and eels.

Where to Catch Flounder

The Flounder is a saltwater fish that lives on the ocean floor near reefs, jetties, docks and the like. They are commonly found in bays and estuaries. The Flounder is available all year round for fishing. If you are at a river mouth the best time to catch the Flounder is on the falling tide. So, as tide times change each day the Flounder can be available any time of the day depending on the tidal phase.

The Flounder is excellent to eat. You will find flounder for sale in almost any fish and chip shop. Battered, deep-fried or crumber the Flounder always tastes great. We provide morning fishing charters and afternoon fishing charters all year round.

How to catch a Flounder Fish

Flounder can be caught using a variety of methods, including fishing with bait, lures, or flies.

One popular method for catching flounder is to use a bottom rig with bait. This involves attaching a weight to the end of the fishing line and baiting the hook with live or dead bait, such as worms, squid, or cut bait. The rig is then cast out and slowly dragged along the bottom, where flounder are known to reside.

Another method is using a jig head with a soft plastic lure like a grub tail. The jig head will mimic the movement of a live bait and the soft plastic tail can be scented to attract the fish.

Flounder also can be caught by fly fishing. This involves using a fly rod and reel to cast a fly, which is a small, artificial lure that mimics the appearance and movement of a natural insect or baitfish.

It's important to check the local regulations and season for flounder fishing, as well as the size and bag limits before fishing.

What is the bait to catch a flounder fish?

There are several types of bait that can be used to catch flounder, including:

  1. Live bait: Live bait such as worms, sand crabs, or mud minnows can be very effective for catching flounder.
  2. Cut bait: Cut bait, such as squid or mullet, can also be used to catch flounder. These baits release a strong scent that can attract flounder from a distance.
  3. Artificial bait: Artificial baits such as soft-plastic grubs, worms and swimbaits are also effective for catching flounder.
  4. Lures: Jigs and spoons are effective lures for flounder fishing. They mimic the movement of live bait and can be scented to attract the fish.
  5. Fly fishing: Flies can be used to catch flounder, especially during the warmer months when they are closer to the surface. Clousers, Lefty's Deceivers, and other baitfish patterns are often successful.

It's important to note that the type of bait used can depend on the time of year, water conditions, and location of the flounder. It's also important to check local regulations for any restrictions on the use of certain types of bait.

Fishing for Flounder in Sydney

On all our fishing and deep-sea fishing charters in Sydney, all you need to bring are the right clothes depending on the weather conditions. We will supply everything else including bait, fishing rods and reels and fishing licence. At the end of our fishing trip, you get to keep what you catch.  We have 3 purpose build fishing vessels that have all the facilities and amenities you require.