Whale Watcher Cronulla

Deep sea Fishing Cronulla – What you might catch

Here is a selection of just some of the many species of fish that you may catch while onboard one of Sydney Premium Charters Tours.
A much sought after fish prized for its eating qualities found on inshore and offshore reefs and in bays and around rocky headlands. An excellent fighting sport fish.
jewfish mulloway
Much sought after fish caught in estuarys, beach gutters and reefs. Flesh whitish and variable quality.
pearl perch
Highly prized eating fish found on offshore reefs. Flesh white with excellent flavour and texture.
Excellent game fish found in coastal, offshore and ocean waters all around Australia. Flesh firm and tasty.
Excellent fighting fish found in coastal reef areas from southern QLD to southern Australia. Flesh variable quality with smaller sizes good eating.

Many many more prized species also caught off Sydney Cronulla.