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Pig Fish – My Favourite reef fish to eat – steamed.

Everyone knows that know me that we just love a fish fish ere at Sydney Premium Charters. Not the best fighting fish but certainly the best eating. Beautiful colours unreal firm flesh. Pig Fish – My Favourite reef fish to eat – steamed. Sydney Premium Charters – the best fishing experience ever.

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Deep sea Fishing charter Sydney can produce anything

What will be your next catch out with Sydney Premium Charters Cronulla ? Check out these catches from Sundays awesome deep water Fishing 120 meters using 50LB Braid 20,000 Spheros T Curve Shimano combos. Paternoster style rigs with 1 LB leads – Big Snapper Big Gurnard Gig Sharks and lot more deep water species. Lots …

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Pearl Perch

ANIMAL SPECIES: Pearl Perch, Glaucosoma scapulare Macleay, 1881 The Pearl Perch has a blue-black to grey bony shield projecting from under the upper operculum. The species is an excellent table fish that occurs in eastern Australian coastal waters to depths of 90 m.  A Pearl Perch off Rainbow Beach Photographer: Dave Harasti © Dave Harasti Standard …

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Southern Bluefin Tuna

ANIMAL SPECIES: Southern Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus maccoyii(Castelnau, 1872) The Southern Bluefin Tuna is a fast-swimming pelagic species that occurs circum-globally in southern temperate waters. Standard Common Name Southern Bluefin Tuna Alternative Name/s Bluefin, Japanese Central Pacific Bluefin Tuna, SBT, Southern Tuna, Southern Tunny Identification The species has relatively short pectoral fins and lacks distinctive body …

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Blue Eye

Blue-eye Trevalla, Hyperoglyphe antarctica (Carmichael, 1818) The Blue-eye Trevalla is a benthic species that is found on rocky seabeds in continental slope depths. Juveniles tend to be around the midwater to surface level. Highly regarded as a food fish. A Blue-eye Trevalla caught off Balina Photographer: Ian Cameron © Ian Cameron Standard Common Name …

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Grey Morwong

ANIMAL SPECIES: Grey Morwong, Nemadactylus douglasii (Hector, 1875) The Grey Morwong is a good eating fish, found in commercial quantities. It can be recognised by its colour and pectoral fin shape. Standard Common Name Grey Morwong Alternative Name/s Blue Morwong, Butterfish, Douglas Morwong, Eastern Blue Morwong, Great Perch, Lubra-lip, Mowie, Porae, Rubberlip Morwong, Rubberlip Perch, Silver Morwong Identification …

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Eastern Pigfish

ANIMAL SPECIES: Eastern Pigfish, Bodianus unimaculatus(Gunther, 1862) Male Eastern Pigfish are red above with a pinkish to white region on the side below the dorsal fin rays. The species occurs from southern Queensland to Victoria and also in New Zealand. Standard Common Name Eastern Pigfish Alternative Name/s Banded Pigfish, Black-spot Pigfish, Eastern Blackspot Pigfish, Pigfish, Reddish …

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Bluespotted Flathead

The temperate marine flatheads can be quite a challenge to identify. The Bluespotted Flathead usually has scattered blue spots on the back and a distinctive pattern of dark blotches on the tail. Standard Common Name Bluespotted Flathead Alternative Name/s Eastern Blue-spotted Flathead, Longnose Flathead, Red Spotted Flathead, Sand Flathead Identification The Bluespotted Flathead can be …

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