Catch Rat Kingfish on light gear

Catching Rat Kingfish on Light Fishing Gear

Its fun to catch Kingfish on light gear

Rat kingfish, also known as yellowtail kingfish, are a highly sought-after game fish for their fighting spirit and tasty flesh. While they are known for their size, it is possible to catch them on light fishing gear in Cronulla, Sydney. In this article, we'll discuss how to catch rat kingfish using light gear in Cronulla.

The first step to catching rat kingfish on light gear is to acquire the appropriate equipment. Light gear is typically classified as a fishing rod with a weight rating of around 2-5kg and a reel that can hold around 200-300m of line. Braided line with a strength of around 10-15 pounds is recommended, as it offers better sensitivity and strength compared to monofilament line.

The next step is to locate the rat kingfish. They can be found around underwater structures such as reefs and wrecks, and in open water. They tend to school in groups, so finding one can lead to finding many. When locating rat kingfish, it is helpful to keep an eye out for diving birds, as this is a sign that fish are present in the area.

Once you have located a school of rat kingfish, it's time to start fishing. The key to catching rat kingfish on light gear is to use small lures or bait. Lures should be around 10-20g in weight and mimic the baitfish that the rat kingfish are feeding on. Popular lures for catching rat kingfish include soft plastic baits and metal jigs.

If using bait, pilchards or small pieces of squid are recommended. Bait should be presented on a small hook and fished with a light weight, as rat kingfish tend to feed close to the surface.

When casting, it's important to make a long and accurate cast. Rat kingfish can be wary, and a poorly placed cast can spook the fish. Once the lure or bait is in the water, a slow and steady retrieve is recommended, as this mimics the movement of natural baitfish.

When hooked, rat kingfish put up a fierce fight, and it is important to use a light touch when reeling in the fish. It's recommended to play the fish carefully and let the light gear do the work. A landing net should be used to bring the fish on board, as rat kingfish have a tendency to thrash around and can easily escape the hook.

In conclusion, catching rat kingfish on light gear in Cronulla, Sydney is a thrilling and challenging experience. By using the appropriate equipment and techniques, it is possible to land these elusive fish. Remember to keep an eye out for rat kingfish in the area, use small lures or bait, and play the fish carefully once hooked. With a bit of skill and patience, you can have a successful day on the water and catch plenty of rat kingfish.

Catch Rat Kingfish on light gear