Bull Shark Fishing Seasons Sydney

The best time of the year to catch Bull Shark fish in Sydney is from November through to April. The large male and females bull sharks migrate down form Queensland to hunt and feed.

Bull shark fishing season Cronulla Sydney

Fish Details

  • Size: Up to 230 kilograms Up to 3.5 metres
  • Food Rating: Good
  • Territory: Saltwater and freshwater. Ocean and rivers.

About Bull Sharks

The scientific name for the Bull Shark is Carcharhinus leucas. The bull shark in Africa is called the Zambezi shark, and in Nicaragua they call it the Lake Nicaragua shark. The bull shark is a requiem shark and is part of one of the largest shark families. You will find bull sharks all over the planet in shallow waters in  rivers and along coastlines.
Where to find bull sharks

How to identify a Bull Shark Fish

  • Black markings on underside of pectoral fins
  • Light to dark grey on the upper body surface and pale underneath
  • Relatively large eyes
  • Broad and slightly curved dorsal fin at the top
  • Anal fin notch froms a 90 degree notch
  • The first dorsal fin is three times higher than the second dorsal fin

Where to Find and Catch Bull Sharks

The bull shark is one of the most feared and dangerous ocean and river fish. They are one of the few sharks that can exist in saltwater and freshwater. The bull shark is an opportunist fish and will have a wide range of food in its diet. Bull sharks will eat other sharks as well as turtles, dolphins, whales, birds, cattle and dogs and cats. Bull sharks have been found in oceans, rivers and lakes. In Illonois, USA a bull shark was captured 4000 kilometres up the Mississippi River. Bull sharks  are found along coasts and migrate in winter months to warmer waters. The large adult bull shark has very few enemies. However juvenile bull sharks are prey to tiger sharks and mature bull sharks. Having a high level of testosterone makes the bull shark a very agressive fish.

Bull Shark - National Geographic

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