Buckets of Pan Size reef fish

Another great day of the reef catching all sorts of fish including snapper, pig fish Grey Morning, flathead and lots lots more with Sydney Premium Charters.
The somewhat perfect day – no wind, no current, deep water lots of fish, BBQ lunch beautiful weather.
Just one of those days where it all came together and created awesome fishing, I wish every day was like this in winter. Snapper were not huge but lots of them.
We lost a Mako Shark at the boat, and lost 20 fish to a very annoying selfish seal, it just simply didn’t care about us wanting to keep our fish The great Australian fat seal just took them, Hook line and sinker…..
but was very funny to watch.
Great days fishing all round, also just to note the whales are coming through in numbers now.
Charter boat Fishing from Cronulla Port hacking some days has it all.

Best charter ever.

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