Cronulla Fishing Charter

Blue Eye Cod success

Blue eye Cod with Sydney Premium Charters is the very best and by far the most Premium FUN Experience you will ever have Fishing for Blue eye.
We offer it all from The latest Electric technology rigged with genuine 3 hook leaders and Lumo attractors like the Sword fish Long liners use.
Top this off with Music Awesome supplied food including Cheese toasties, Cookies Muffins Light refreshments and a Massive BBQ on the way back in, top that off with The fastest charter boat in Sydney, BAM !

Blue eye off Sydney is really deep water fishing. With a start depth of at about 450 meters the target is Blue Eye Cod, Bass Groper, Frost Fish, Giant Boar Fish, Gemfish, Hapuka, Alfonsin, Orange Roughy and Deep Sea Perch and Sharks of all kinds. There are other species that are caught at these depths. These deep water fishing trips are only done in the winter and earlier spring months when these species come onto deep water reefs to spawn. We use ELECTRIC BEAST MASTER Reels spooled with 80 lb braid to ensure you have the best chance of landing your catch. Terminal tackle is lump beads crimped wire and circle hook x 3 per drops.

Unlike a traditional old wooden Charter boat we have the option of hitting 30 knots and screaming out or trying out luck With Tuna Blue fun and Yellow Fin and Albacore tuna when we want to try our luck or we see something that warrants an attempt.

Sydney Premium Blue Eye fishing Charters is the best !!!