Marlin Fishing Sydney

Big Blue Marlin for John Cronulla Game fishing Charter

Big Marlin Game Fishing charter today out of Cronulla Port Hacking.
So the pressure was on to try and get John a fish in a small window. A quick chair demonstration to show 1st time heavy tackle angler Mark the ropes and we were away. As usual at the FADs at this time of year the Mahi Mahi were busting all around us, with lots of birds working the area but We decided to stick to chasing the ultimate goal of a Big Marlin so left the temptation of Mahi to work our usual Marlin spots. As usual the lure spread was representing some of the best lure craftsmen in the business with Kona Killer and Dingos lures taking the short corner and long corner. It wasn’t long before a good sized marlin appeared inside of the long corner, the fish was lit up with electric blue tail on full display. Just as the Captain gave the shout, the fish piled on the JB Dingo and line started to peel off the Shimano 80W. The fish gave a short display of thrashing turning the water white before screaming off into the distance. The crew had to move fast to clear the gear as this Marlin was not waiting for anyone. The speed of the run was blistering! In no time at all the top shot was off the reel and we were well into the dacron! Mal started chasing down on the fish to try and get some line back, despite it being his first time fishing out of the chair John put on a masterful display of angling with excellent technique and plenty of grit. As the top shot was safely back on the reel John made a few manoeuvres with the boat to encourage the fish to co-operate which she did and up she came. The look on the anglers face and the whole family as they saw a decent sized Blue Marlin swimming along was priceless. In around 30 minutes of fight Mike grabbed the leader and got the fish under control at the side of the boat. We Almost always release the fish and this was no exception with a quick swim and picture, off she swam. Estimation of 150 KG
What a great day out on Sydney premium Charters.