Bonito fish Cronulla Sydney

Best Fish To Catch In Sydney In March

Catching fish from Cronulla to Sydney

Our experience and the opinion of other fishermen in the Cronulla to Sydney region suggest that the best fish to catch in March are Bass, Blue Marlin, Bonito, Bull Shark, Hapuka, Perch Pearl and Yellowtail Amberjack. The hunting territories of these fish range from river systems, freshwater, inshore and deep water.

Catching fish in March Cronulla SydneyMarch is a great time for fishing. The temperatures are in between summer and winter. Our fishing boats are the Blue Fisher and the Blue Cat. They are well equipped to catch any type and size of fish. We will supply all the bait, fishing rods, licences and anything else that will make your fishing charter a memorable day. All you have to do is bring yourself and a smile. And whatever you catch you can take home. Our captains are experienced and pay close attention to safety. Most of all we like to have a fun time.  We run morning and afternoon fishing charters 7 days a week.

Hapuka fish Cronulla Sydney


The Hapuka is an excellent eating fish. The Hapuka can weigh up to 70 kilograms and grow to a length of  1.8 metres and are found offshore. They swim from 30 metres to 800 metres in depth and like temperate subtropical water.

Bass fishing charter Sydney
7 kilograms

Blue Marlin
Blue Marling fishing Cronulla Sydney
90 - 180 kilograms

Bonito fishing Cronulla Sydney
7 kilograms

Bull Shark
Bull shark fishing Cronulla Sydney
Up to 3.5 metres
230 kilogarms
Saltwater, freshwater, ocean

Hapuka fishing charter Sydney
1.8 metres
70 kilograms

Pearl Perch
Pearl Perch fishing Cronulla Sydney
7 kilograms

Yellowtail Amberjack

7-12 kilograms
Reefs, offshore