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Best Fish To Catch In October In Sydney

What fish to target in October?

Its that time of year when the blue eye trevalla or blue eye cod are most prevalent for anglers in the Sydney region. This is especially true for the fishing location called Browns Mountain. This unique fishing spot is 45 kilometres or a 1.5 hour boat ride off the coast of Cronulla in Sydney and goes to a depth of approximately 600 metres.

Other fish species that are available to target for anglers in October include, flathead, gemfish, flounder and hapuka. Summer is coming which means warmer days and warmer water. This is great time to go fishing.

blue eye cod fishing October Sydney

Ocean Water Temperature Cronulla Sydney October, 2022

Best fishing in October Cronulla Sydney

Flathead Blue Spot

Flathead Blue Spot
Flathead blue spotted fishing Cronulla Sydney
Up to 55 cm
Up to 1.3  kilograms
Over sand to 30 metres


55 cm
2.7 kilograms
Onshore, reefs

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Silver Trevally

Silver Trevally
Siver Trevally fishing Cronulla Sydney
Up to 65cm
Up to 4 kilograms
Saltwater and estuaries

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Flathead Dusky

Flathead Dusky

Up to 150 cm
Up to 15 kilograms
Primarily freshwater

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Blue Eye Trevalla

Gemfish fishing Sydney
Up to 135 cm
Up to 40 kilograms
Offshore to 800 metres

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Hapuka fishing charter Sydney
180 cm
Up to 70 kilograms
Offshore pelagic fish 30 metres to 800 metres

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Flathead Tiger

Flathead Tiger
Flathead tiger fish Cronulla Sydney
Up to 65 cm
Up to 3 kilograms
offshore sandy bottom to 400 metres

Pink Snapper

Pink Snapper
Pink Snapper fishing charter Sydney
Up to 130cm
5- 20 kilograms
Reef, nearshore and offshore
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Tuna Yellowfin

Tuna Yellowfin

Yellowfin tuna fishing Cronulla Sydney

  • Size: Up to 70 kg
  • Food Rating: Excellent
  • Territory: Offshore

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