Best fish to catch in Sydney in May

Best Fish To Catch In May In Sydney

What fish species can i hook in May?

It's getting cooler and the type of fish on offer is changing in Sydney for the month of May. From our experience, the best fish to catch from Cronulla to Sydney in May are Blue-eye Trevalla or cod, the 3 species of Flathead which are Blue Spot Flathead, Dusky Flathead and Tiger Flathead, Flounder, Gemfish, Mako Shark and Silver Trevally.  These fish are found in different regions and depths of the ocean, bays and estuaries. For example, the Dusky and Blue Spot Flathead can be found inshore but the Tiger Flathead can be caught at depths to 400 metres. The fish we have listed will challenge your fishing skills and bring great rewards as they are all delicious to eat.


May is an excellent time for the fishing enthusiast due to the drop in weather temperatures in Sydney. As we enter winter slowly the number of vessels on the water dwindles. Naturally, this offers the dedicated fisher more chance to land the targetted fish.  Our fishing boats are the Blue Fisher and the Blue Cat. They are well equipped to catch any type and size of fish. We will supply all the bait, fishing rods, licences and anything else that will make your fishing charter a memorable day. All you have to do is bring yourself and a smile. And whatever you catch you can take home. Our captains are experienced and pay close attention to safety. Most of all we like to have a fun time.  We run morning and afternoon fishing charters 7 days a week.

Want to catch Blue Eye Trevalla at Browns Mountain? We run special Blue Eye Trevalla Browns Mountain charters to the renowned fishing spot to target the Blue Eye Trevalla or Cod as some people call them.

Flounder sole fish Cronulla Sydney


Why are Flounder one of the most sought-after fish in the ocean.? It's simple, they taste great and it's why most fish and chip shops have them on their menu. Flounder typically grow t from between 25cm to 55cm and can weigh up to 2.7 kilograms. In reality, flounder can be caught just about all year round. You can find them on sandy and silty bottoms in bays and estuaries.

Blue Eye Trevalla
Blue Eye Trevalla
Up to 140 cm
Up to 50 kilograms
Deepwater to 900 metres

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Gemfish fishing Sydney

Up to 1.35 metres
40 kilograms
Deep sea Offshore

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Flathead fishing charter Sydney
55 cm
Up to 3 kilograms
Inshore and offshore on sandy bottoms to 400 metres

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Mako Shark
Mako shark fishing Cronulla Sydney NSW
Up to 500 kilograms
Up to 4 metres

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7 kilograms

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Silver Trevally
Siver Trevally fishing Cronulla Sydney

Up to 65cm
90 - 180 kilograms
Offshore and estuaries