Pigfish fishing Sydney NSW

Best Fish To Catch in June In Sydney

What fish to target in June?

As daylight hours get shorter and autumn slowly morphs into winter the fish species on offer in Cronulla and Sydney changes. We have prepared a list the best fish to catch and eat for the coming winter.

Our top 4 fish to catch in June are gemfish, pink snapper, mako and silver trevally. Also on offer are the following fish you can target. Pigfish, salmon, blue eye trevalla, flathead and morwong. The number of anglers tends to fall as the colder months set in which is advantageous if you are a keen fisherman.

Pink Snapper

Ocean Water Temperature Cronulla Sydney June, 2022

Ocean water temperatures June Cronulla Sydney

Blue Eye Trevalla

Blue Eye Trevalla
Blue Eye Trevalla
Up to 140 cm
Up to 50 kilograms
Deep water to 900 metres

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Mako Shark

Mako Shark
Bull shark fishing Cronulla Sydney
1 metre - 4 metres
60 kilograms - 500 kilograms

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Pink Snapper

Pink Snapper
Pink Snapper fishing charter Sydney
Up to 130cm
5- 20 kilograms
Reef, nearshore and offshore
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Flathead Dusky

Flathead Dusky

Up to 150 cm
Up to 15 kilograms
Primarily freshwater

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Jackass Morwong fish Cronulla Sydney NSW
Up to 70cm
Up to 4.5 kilograms
Offshore 10 - 400 metres

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Salmon fishing Cronulla Sydney
Up to 90cm
Up to 6 kilograms
Offshore, onshore

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Gemfish fishing Sydney
Up to 135 cm
Up to 40 kilograms
Offshore to 800 metres

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Pigfish fishing Cronulla Sydney
25cm - 45cm
Up to 7 kilograms
Offshore Reefs to a depth of 50 metres

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Silver Trevally

Silver Trevally
Siver Trevally fishing Cronulla Sydney
Up to 65cm
Up to 4 kilograms
Saltwater and estuaries

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