Afternoon Flathead Deep Sea fishing Charter Cronulla

Great effort today on the best Flathead fishing charter ever, Good loud Music, Great fun Crew, Just Awesome fishing.

Billy Sheen and crew today – bagging out on Blue spot Flathead. Australia’s Favourite and probably most common pastime fish and chip staple. Yum Yum. Yes and thank you for giving up a few my kids, they will be having there deep fried and with some cornwells malt vinegar, I’ll do the same with a cold beer. What a fun day and night.

The weather off Sydney today was amazing and the flathead just kept coming in, Big suckers, where  double hook ups were the norm.

The poor deck hand ( me ) had to clean up so many fish I’m going on strike for a few days. New decky required !! Hahaha.

We here at Sydney Premium Charters go fishing almost everyday and we learn patterns of fish and how to catch them at different time of the year, even though all this come into to play even when catching flathead,  some days are just better than others with today being one of the best ever.

Love good fishing off Cronulla Sydney With the best fishing charter company in Port hacking. Sydney Premium Charters.

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