Catching two at a time !

Catching two Kingfish at a time is pretty good !!

Fishing the Fad for Mahi Dolfin Fish then for Kingfish in Close

Riverwood Fishing Club had an awesome time in our new high speed re-powered 38 Foot Gamefisher On the way out to the FAD (Fish Aggregating Device) at 20 knots buy levitra manila uk we trolled at high speed using special lures to attract species like Mahi and Tuna,perhaps even a Beaky, we saw a school of Sripped Tuna […]

Deep sea/Sports fishing Combo charter

Game fisher fired up her engines and off we went to anchor of the clear blue waters 6 miles offshore on one of our favorite reefs. 8 repeat customers had a cheese tostie and coffee 30 mins later at 20 knots we dropped anchor in 100 plus meters of water, Game fish is the best […]

Relaxing in the River

The Port Hacking River is beautiful and clean

The guys had A LOT of fun !!

All the guys up the bow of the boat for a photo before things got messy !

GameFisher gets a NEW BBQ

A happy day on the reef

Happy clients on the back of Cindy Bet after a big day of Deep Sea Fishing of Sydney

Matt Lowe….VERY Excited !!

Matt Lowe and the boys Bag some nice SNAPPER

This Pan Snapper was VERY well received !

Robson Green – ‘Extreme Fishing’

The Perfect Day for Snapper

GameFisher with a NEW look

We just gave Game Fisher a new paint job…. she is back to BRAND NEW !!

Snapper for EVERYONE

Nice sized Sydney winter Snapper caught of a deep reef of Sydney

Snapper for the BBQ ….. x2

Cindy Bett – Deep Sea Fishing

Cindy Bett 65ft Deep Sea Fishing off Cronulla

Sydney Premium Charters on the Snapper

Sydney Deep Sea Fishing at its BEST

A nice catch of Winter Snapper off Sydney

Deep sea fishing off Cindy Bett catching Winter Snapper

Winter Fishing just beginning…..

Snapper are on the ‘bite’….

Snapper Fishing in the rain

Kingfishing on 6lb line…. FUN !!!

Kingfishing on 6lb line…. FUN !!!

Kingfishing off Cronulla on light gear

Kingfishing off Cronulla on light gear

Ribbon Beach on the Port Hacking River

Soaking up the last of the sun

Kids having fun on the ‘Aqua Lilly’

How many kids can you fit on an aqua lilly ?

Port Hacking River Cruise

Kicking back at Jibbon

Sports Fishing with TERRY and the Boys

Sledging was he WINNER of the day... it was BRILLIANT !!! WOW.... this was one of the best days fishing I have witnessed..... not for the fishing, but for the absolute A-GRADE, PREMIUM, BRILLIANT sledging that occurred from 5.30am till 12.30pm. IT WAS BLOODY BRILLIANT !!!! The boys landed with big hopes and expectation of [...]

EMCO STEEL on the Snapper……

EMCO STEEL take on the first of the WINTER SNAPPER..... and WIN On the beautiful 65ft Cindy Bett we took off from Cronulla Marina with a predicted 'zero wind' day.... When we turned the corned at the 'Bommy' (Jibbon Bombora) the southerly hit is in the head like Mike Tyson ! Not predicted and not [...]

It is a THUMPA !!!

Not much to say about this fish…. the picture says it all

Keep them rolling in boys !!

Another nice keeper comes over the back of the boat

Fish of the DAY !!!

This nice snapper is heading for the BBQ !

Nice pan sized Snapper

Its a KEEPER !!!!

Sydney Harbour River Cruise

Mr Switch Electrical decided to treat their staff and families to a nice day on the harbour

Rat Kings are really good fun

60-65cm rat kingfish are awesome fun on light gear

Nice Bump

What a beautiful fish

Kingfish DESTINY is for BBQ !

‘BIG RED’ gets his Kingfish

Cronulla KINGFISH are FUN !

Barry Liu HITS the KINGFISH !!!! We organised a 'singles' day to get out and mix it up in the Kingfish. We understand that sometimes you can't get x8 or x12 mates together on a single day to head out fishing....hence our 'singles days' where born. The weather was perfect and we took off with [...]

What a beauty….. 73cm keeper !

Trag on the Reef

When the Fishing is HOT…. just enjoy it !!!!!

The boys hit up the KINGFISH !!!! With plenty of Kingfish caught the day before, we took of from Cronulla HOPING that they were still in the same spot and hadn't moved on. Waiting for the light we hit a little reef out the back of Cronulla for 30min with zero success. With first light [...]

King fishing with Sydney Premium Charters

Sydney Premium Fishing “HOTEL”

First Kingfish in 70 years

Kingfish Competition between Dad and Son

Rats by the dozen where fun to catch

Nice Morwong

Kingfish for the BBQ

Can we stretch it Barry ????

Can we stretch it Barry ????  At 63.5cm it is SO CLOSE !!!!!