Blue Eye

Distribution - Blue-eye Trevalla occurs over rocky bottoms in deep offshore waters of southern Australia (except for WA). It occurs at depths of 400 - 600 metres. Size - Maximum weight of around 40kg and 140cm in length. Characteristics - The colour of blue-eye varies from silvery with a steel blue back to pinkish brown with a purplish [...]

Fiddler Ray (Banjo Shark)

Fiddler Ray (Banjo Shark) Standard Common Name Eastern Fiddler Ray Alternative Name/s Banjo Shark, Fiddler Ray Identification The Eastern Fiddler Ray can be recognised by the triangular pattern behind the eyes. It has a slender tail and two prominent triangular dorsal fins. Three species of Fiddler Rays are currently recognised from Australia. The Southern сialis [...]

Yakka (Yellowtail)

Yakka (Yellowtail) Where do I catch them Yakkas are great little live bait fish. You will find them around standing structures – like wharves. The best time to catch Yakkas is in the morning or late in the afternoon, though you can catch them all through the day. How big do they get Most will [...]

Eastern Pigfish

Eastern Pigfish Male Eastern Pigfish are red above with a pinkish to white region on the side below the dorsal fin rays. The species occurs from southern Queensland to Victoria and also in New Zealand. Standard Common Name:  Eastern Pigfish Alternative Name/s:  Banded Pigfish, Black-spot Pigfish, Eastern Blackspot Pigfish, Pigfish, Reddish Blackspot Pigfish Identification:  Young Eastern [...]

Thresher Shark

Thresher Shark Standard Common Name Thresher Shark Alternative Name/s Atlantic Thresher, Common Thresher Shark, Fox Shark, Green Thresher, Thintail Thresher Identification All the thresher sharks (Family Alopiidae) have an extremely long upper lobe of the caudal fin. The Thresher Shark can be recognised by its pointed, pectoral fins, white colouration of the body above the [...]

Blue Shark

Blue Shark The Blue Shark is the most wide-ranging shark species, being recorded in all tropical and temperate seas. Adult Blue Sharks eat mainly fish and cephalopods such as squid. Standard Common Name Blue Shark Alternative Name/s Blue Whaler, Blue Whaler Shark, Great Blue, Great Blue Shark Identification The Blue Shark has a conical snout, [...]

Bluespotted Flathead

Bluespotted Flathead Standard Common Name: Bluespotted Flathead Alternative Name/s: Eastern Blue-spotted Flathead, Longnose Flathead, Red Spotted Flathead, Sand Flathead Identification: The Bluespotted Flathead can be recognised by its sandy colour, scattered blue spots, and the series of elongated dark blotches on the tail. The blotches become progressively larger towards the bottom of the fin. The lower preopercular [...]

Eastern Australian Salmon

Eastern Australian Salmon Standard Common Name: Eastern Australian Salmon Alternative Name/s: The Eastern Australian Salmon has also been called the Australian Salmon, Bay Trout, Black Back, Buck Salmon, Cocky Salmon, Colonial Salmon and Kahawai. Identification : The Eastern Australian Salmon has a moderately elongate body with a long based dorsal fin and a large forked [...]

Grey Morwong

Grey Morwong Standard Common Name Grey Morwong Alternative Name/s Blue Morwong, Butterfish, Douglas Morwong, Eastern Blue Morwong, Great Perch, Lubra-lip, Mowie, Porae, Rubberlip Morwong, Rubberlip Perch, Silver Morwong Identification The Grey Morwong can be recognised by its colour and pectoral fin shape. It is silvery blue, with the upper surface sometimes tinted yellow or brown. The median [...]

Mahi Mahi

This is custom heading element with Google Fonts The Mahi Mahi is a slender pelagic species that occurs in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide. Standard Common: NameMahi Mahi Alternative Name/s: Dolphin, Dolphin Fish, Dolphin-fish, Dorado, Mahi-mahi, Mahimahi Identification: The Mahi Mahi has an elongate compressed body and a forked tail. Its long-based dorsal fin starts above [...]

Yellowtail Kingfish

Yellowtail Kingfish Distribution - Yellowtail Kingfish occur in ocean waters from Queensland south to Western Australia, and inhabit temperate waters worldwide. They are often found associated with floating objects in the ocean and pylons and jetties within bays. Juveniles are commonly found in schools. Size - The largest fish commonly caught are up to 1m [...]

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna Distribution - Yellowfin tuna, also known as yellowfin or Allison tuna, are oceanic fish found in Australian waters from Torres Strait to eastern Tasmania and from the Northern Territory to south-western Australia. They may also be found in the brackish waters of estuaries. Sea surface temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen concentration limit the [...]


Snapper Standard Common Name:  Snapper Alternative Name/s :  Cockney, Cockney Bream, Nobbler, Old Man, Pink Snapper, Pinkie, Pinky, Queen, Red Bream, Rugger, Schnapper, Tamure, White Snapper Identification:  Snapper are usually pinkish to brown on the upper sides and silvery below. The body is covered by small blue spots that are most obvious in small fish. [...]

Tiger Flathead

Tiger Flathead The colouration of the Tiger Flathead is variable. It is grey brown with darker blotches or bands. It is endemic to Australia Standard Common Name:  Tiger Flathead Alternative Name/s:  Deepsea Flathead, King Flathead, Spiky Flathead, Teethies, Toothy Flathead, Trawl Flathead Identification: The Tiger Flathead has an elongate body and a large flattened head [...]

Dusky Flathead

Dusky Flathead The Dusky Flathead is the largest Australian flathead species. It can be recognised by patterns on the pectoral and caudal fins. Standard Common:  NameDusky Flathead Alternative Name/s: Black Flathead, Dusky, Estuary Flathead, Flattie, Frog, Lizard, Mud Flathead, River Flathead Identification:  Many Australian flatheads can be recognised by the patterns on their pectoral and [...]

Longfin Perch – Pinkies

Longfin Perch - PINKIES The Longfin Perch has a long-based dorsal fin, and an emarginate caudal fin. The species occurs in Australia and New Zealand. Standard Common:   NameLongfin Perch Alternative Name/s:  Pink Maomao Identification:  The Longfin Perch has a long-based dorsal fin, and an emarginate caudal fin. Its pointed pectoral fins are longer than the head. [...]

Shark Fishing Charter Cronulla Sydney – TIGER SHARKS….

If you are looking for a BIG fish, then you can go past our Shark Fishing Charter Cronulla Sydney. We head out to the continental shelf off Cronulla around 20-25km off shore. We then throw around 200kg of burley in the water and three 6kg tuna and wait. During this Tiger Shark Fishing Trip last […]