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Bucks day Idea Cronulla booze cruise

If your looking for a bucks day look no further –
Bucks day Idea Cronulla booze cruise – Sydney Premium Charters offers the experience your looking for…

River Cruise piss ups
Fishing Trips
BYO or Bar Sales
Awesome tucker
Topless waitress Girls, or Boys 🙂
A variety of trips tailored to suit your individual requirements.

We have several boats to choose from
75 foot
55 foot
38 foot
Fishing or cruising we got it covered.

Sydney Premium Charters

Or call us any time

Best Bucks day you can imagine !!!!

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Snapper on the bite off Sydney Cronulla !

Some good catches of fish today outside Cronulla,
Snapper on the bite off Sydney Cronulla along with an array of other species like Pig fish big Rubber lip Morwong that are common at this time of year and also some smaller Pearch
The target is large breeding snapper that come in at this time of year from about June and last till maybe October.
This is my personal best time of year to go fishing as the chance of a prize fish is at it’s best.It is all about Snapper.
Sydney Premium Charters give you the opportunity to catch these species, being the biggest and the fastest charter boat fleet in Port hacking we can go to reefs other charters don’t get to and too deep for the trawlers, giving us the best chance.

Come and have a crack at your chance at the prize off Cronulla.

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Fishing Charter Gift Voucher Sydney

Surprise a loved one or reward a colleague with a Sydney Premium Charters Gift Voucher for fishing.

Vouchers can be purchased online as they are treated as a credit and can be used as payment towards ANY charter. When the recipient is ready to go just jump on line to redeem – choose the date and what fish they want to target. There is NO expiry date and the voucher is emailed to you immediately.

What a great present ! We have sold well over 1,000 vouchers.

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Deep sea Fishing Tips and ideas.

Deep sea fishing can be a great adventure for any fisherman. Many of the greatest anglers know that Deep sea fishing is not as simple as it may appear. This type of fishing is also referred to as offshore fishing. Deep sea fishing takes place in offshore waters several miles away from land that are thirty metres or deeper. Popular places in Australia for deep sea fishing Deep sea fishing include Sydney, Goldcoast, Narooma, Port Stephens, Cairns and many more great destinations around our vast coastline. The most commonly caught species on our beautiful waters off Cronulla Sydney on our deep sea fishing trips include Tuna, Snapper, Mackerel, Teraglin, shark, Pearl perch, Cobia, Mahi-mahi, Longfin Pearch, Pig Fish, Wahoo other assorted reef fish and of course our highly prized Blue Spot flathead.

The boats used for deep sea fishing are usually bigger then those used for other styles of fishing. These boats should be constructed to withstand the harsh weather and elements that are encountered on the open ocean. These boats can accommodate a few passengers up to many depending on the size of the boat, here at Sydney Premium Charters we have 3 amazing Premium vessels, all are Aluminium and very safe sturdy and fast to get us out to the best spots quickly.

Fishing off Cronulla – you just never know what might bite.
Best fishing Charter ever.

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Bucks Day Cruise Sydney Cronulla JUMP ON !!

Planning a Bucks event for a groom and his mates? Try something a little more adventurous for the next Bucks party with a Fishing Charter or river cruise for your Buck and his buddies. Get Hooked and head out into the most amazing river system in the world, Port Hacking for an adventure on board a 75ft Party Machine or Fly-Bridge Sportsfisher or a 36ft Blue fisher! Or our amazing huge brand new Catamaran that fits up 50 people. Let us take your group for a fun day out on the water and prepare yourself for the challenge as you try to catch Big Snapper, Salmon, Cronulla Flathead and more! Or simply cruise down the river – have a swim and a BBQ with plenty of drinks and laughs.
Plug into our bluetooth systems and blast the phat tunes !!
We have heaps of options – 7 hour bucks day fishing trips or 4 hour river parties. Either way we cater for most budgets weather small or large groups.
Please note- we only care about FUN !!!!

Have a look around on our website or give us a call – 0455445566

Best Party boats ever !!

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Squid Fishing Charter Cronulla POPPING !!!!!

Calamari are a fun and easy fish to catch. So easy, that even children can catch them. Making it a great option for the whole family to have a day out on the boat!

Calamari are also great to catch to use as bait for even bigger fish. And what’s more exciting, is that they’re super delicious to eat.

We target these Cephalopods all year round. However, in Autumn we also get the big breeders. We have been chasing this species  for a long time and have become very good at catching them.

Sometimes the highly sort after Green eye bite better early in the mornings and late in the evenings, like most fish. Therefore, we like to tailor our trips around the first 2-3 hours of daylight.


We can also combine these trips, during spring, summer and autumn, with snapper, King fish , or other reef fish. For example, in a 7hr trip, you can chase the calamari in the first 2hrs and then the snapper in the remaining 5hrs (or vice versa). And the price will still be the same. We are very flexible!

So come and have a go at catching these exciting and interesting looking creatures. You will not be disappointed.

Check out the habits of this species on google.



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Best Man jobs – Panic !!


There’s more to being a best man than you know? it’s two months or two years until the wedding, you’ve got a pretty massive job ahead of you. But don’t panic about your duties. We’re here to help. And with Sydney premium Charters on board, you can rest assured that when all is said and done, you’ll be able to look back proudly and say, “F**k, I’m awesome”. Job done.

You’re gonna have a lot to think about over the coming months, so we’ve put together a list of the most important best man duties to give you a bit of a head start. Get these sorted, and you’ll be home and hosed.


As much as we’d all love to get along to a wedding in our boardies, thongs and favourite AC/DC t-shirt, it’s a big no no, particularly if you want the groom to get laid on the wedding night. The best man needs to help out with suit fittings in the lead up to the wedding. Help the groom pick some nice looking threads, make sure the grooms men get to the fittings when they need to, and ensure the outfits are picked up and returned on time.


Apparently attending the wedding isn’t enough anymore. You may also have to show your face at a wedding rehearsal – a strange, half wedding with no guests, no cake, and no tipsy, kinky bridesmaids. Yes, the rehearsal will probably be on a week night, when you could be at home watching ‘Man VS Wild’. Suck it up. The groom no doubt feels the same, and is there just to please his future lady-wife. Make sure you’re there for moral support.


This should be fairly simple. You have to be ready quicker than a woman. On her wedding day. Any questions?


Despite what you’ve been told, this doesn’t mean crouching in the corner, stroking them and referring to them as your “precious”. Possibly your most important job on the day of the wedding is taking care of the rings (OK, OK. You can make everyone call you the “ring bearer” if you have to). During the ceremony, the handing over of the rings is your moment in the spotlight. Try not to cock it up. Like this guy did.


OK, not a full picnic. But it’s always a good idea to keep a couple of snacks and some (non-alcoholic) beverages on hand for the bride and groom. Think muesli bars, a couple of packets of life savers and a bottle of water (bag of ‘Snakes Alive’ if you’ve got the space). The bride and groom are gonna get hungry and thirsty between the ceremony and the reception, and you need to be prepared to slip them a cheeky snack in between time – anything that is easy to carry, not messy to eat, and will give them a quick burst of energy. Probably good to stash a strip of Panadol in your coat pocket too. Always comes in handy.


The bride and groom have got it easy. Once their job is done and dusted, and everyone else is sipping cheap champagne and nibbling on mini dim sims, you’re still under pressure to perform. During the reception you’ll be expected to stand up and deliver your toast – your opportunity to wish the bride and groom eternal happiness…and to take the piss out of the groom in front of all of his family and friends.


As best man, you’re responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly, and this includes all of the post-wedding jobs. Just because the bride and groom are off shagging each others brains out, doesn’t mean you can relax. Make sure the bridesmaids get home safely, everything that needs to be taken care of at the reception venue has been sorted, any gifts are collected and stored safely until the bride and groom get home.

Always a good idea to keep some extra cash in your pocket on the day too, in case any unforeseen or overlooked costs come up – paying the priest, limo driver, or most importantly, posting bail for the groom on the morning of the wedding.


This is your opportunity to go down in history with your mates for…and that’s where we come in. We have organised (literally) hundreds of Port hackings best bucks parties – we know what guys want and we know where to find it. Lots of inspirational ideas.

We do the hard yards, and you take the credit. If you wanna find out more about how we can help, give us a call on 0455445566 today, or to tell us more about your bucks party.

email –

“Get these Best Man Duties right then you can sit back and enjoy a well deserved beer!

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Great Day On The Reef Deep Sea Fishing with Sydney Premium Charters Cronulla

What a great day on the reef today off Cronulla Sydney. Snapper, Flathead and other deep sea reef species were a plenty.

Check out this just half way through the catch.

We caught Rubber lip Morwong, snapper, pig fish, Pearch, Longfin, Mackrel, and its lots more deeps dwelling critters.

After fishing the sand in close due to the wind early in the morning, the weather turned beautiful, allowed us to get out to the reef to have one of the better port hacking fishing days off Sydney this year.

We stayed out longer than usual as the crew were just having a ball. Had to do the BBQ steak salad burgers on the way back today. Awesome.

Best Cronulla Fishing Charter !!!!


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2018 Snapper season Has Hit Cronulla

The Snapper are here, 2018 winter season has already produced some crackers and lots of pan size Reds around the reefs.
Join Sydney Premium Charters now for the snapper season.
we love Winter and Snapper the cold water brings in the big breeding snapper and everything else follows, This year is looking like a good season indeed already.

Join us on one of our Premium Snapper charters for your chance at lots of fish and even that fish of a life time.

Beautiful big fish on the reef Snapper being primary target but we also get coming in Big Morwong, Pig Fish, Pearl Pearch, Long Fin Pearch ( my personal Favourite ) along with a host of other nice eating species.
We fish deep water when we can so there is always the chance of a tuna or shark to get the reels screaming.
Other less desired species also belong to this mention as they provide some entertainment to those that don’t go fishing too much as you never know what your going to reel in next.

MicknMal 0455445566

Best Snapper Charter Boat in Sydney

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Buckets of Pan Size reef fish

Another great day of the reef catching all sorts of fish including snapper, pig fish Grey Morning, flathead and lots lots more with Sydney Premium Charters.
The somewhat perfect day – no wind, no current, deep water lots of fish, BBQ lunch beautiful weather.
Just one of those days where it all came together and created awesome fishing, I wish every day was like this in winter. Snapper were not huge but lots of them.
We lost a Mako Shark at the boat, and lost 20 fish to a very annoying selfish seal, it just simply didn’t care about us wanting to keep our fish The great Australian fat seal just took them, Hook line and sinker…..
but was very funny to watch.
Great days fishing all round, also just to note the whales are coming through in numbers now.
Charter boat Fishing from Cronulla Port hacking some days has it all.

Best charter ever.

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Fishing Charters Sydney Snapper King Fish Squid and MORE

Hi there Sydney Premium Charters Customers and friends, Well another month has gone off just fishing that has been nothing short of amazing for Sydney standards with the Mighty Yellow Tail King Fish and Snapper on the bite big time.

Snapper Deep Sea Fishing
Snapper Deep Sea Fishing

We have worked extremely hard to keep our customers on to Cronulla’s best fishing scene and with such a great team and with endless knowledge of South Sydneys waters we keep getting excellent results making these last few months some of the best fishing we have seen in a long time, King Fish, Snapper and Squid are all in excellent numbers and the Humble Mako Shark is still worth fishing for but without huge bags at the end of the day but still some lovely large fish and plenty for a feed.

May and Early June saw some excellent results on all our charters but the high lights have been without a doubt King Fisher finding the king fish to than just over a week later getting an absolute cracker fish this is just 2 giants amongst hundreds of already better than average kingfish for May 2018, Mal Steen was stoked to see these fish in good numbers this year… Bring n July !!

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Afternoon Flathead Deep Sea fishing Charter Cronulla

Great effort today on the best Flathead fishing charter ever, Good loud Music, Great fun Crew, Just Awesome fishing.

Billy Sheen and crew today – bagging out on Blue spot Flathead. Australia’s Favourite and probably most common pastime fish and chip staple. Yum Yum. Yes and thank you for giving up a few my kids, they will be having there deep fried and with some cornwells malt vinegar, I’ll do the same with a cold beer. What a fun day and night.

The weather off Sydney today was amazing and the flathead just kept coming in, Big suckers, where  double hook ups were the norm.

The poor deck hand ( me ) had to clean up so many fish I’m going on strike for a few days. New decky required !! Hahaha.

We here at Sydney Premium Charters go fishing almost everyday and we learn patterns of fish and how to catch them at different time of the year, even though all this come into to play even when catching flathead,  some days are just better than others with today being one of the best ever.

Love good fishing off Cronulla Sydney With the best fishing charter company in Port hacking. Sydney Premium Charters.

Best Arvo Flatty Bash Charter Ever !


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Another Great Deep Sea Fishing Charter Cronulla

Yes !!! The fish including snapper have started to arrive for the colder water season and we have already found some decent fish including some nice Mako sharks feasting on the new arrivals and hungry for an easy meal. But watch out for Sammy the seal he is just as good if not better at taking your fish off the line.

Sydney Premium Charters provides a day out on the water like no other for you and your friends. From first timers or dedicated fishos to salty old sea dogs, our chartered fishing trips take you to Sydney’s best spots. We offer a wealth of knowledge 27 years fishing experience, awesome crew and the best fishing charter boats in Sydney.

Fishing trips with a Premium difference from Port hacking Cronulla.

We provide charters that are fun, Entertaining and premium creating a memorable experience you will want to repeat. Regardless of age or ability, everyone will enjoy a day out on the water catching some of Cronulla, Sydney’s many species of fish. These include tuna, snapper and even shark, with even the most novice of anglers sure to get a bite.

In addition to deep sea charters, we offer a range of other angling options including Sports fishing, King Fish tours, deep sea and even But eye Cod trips.

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Grey Morwong


Grey Morwong, Nemadactylus douglasii (Hector, 1875)

The Grey Morwong is a good eating fish, found in commercial quantities. It can be recognised by its colour and pectoral fin shape.

Standard Common Name

Grey Morwong

Alternative Name/s

Blue Morwong, Butterfish, Douglas Morwong, Eastern Blue Morwong, Great Perch, Lubra-lip, Mowie, Porae, Rubberlip Morwong, Rubberlip Perch, Silver Morwong


The Grey Morwong can be recognised by its colour and pectoral fin shape. It is silvery blue, with the upper surface sometimes tinted yellow or brown. The median fins are blue.

Size range

The species grows to 81 cm in length.


The Grey Morwong is recorded from southern Queensland to Tasmania and also from New Zealand.

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Hens Day Idea Party Charter Boat Cronulla Sydney Cruise

Sydney Premium Charters  are your number 1 Cronulla Port Hacking Cruise specialist offering flexible and affordable private charter Cronulla Cruise packages for all your function needs. We cater for corporate events, birthdays, Christmas parties, school formals, Work parties, & all celebrations and occasions.

Private Charter Sydney Premium Charter Cruises with flexible function solutions for all events.

Enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner cruise or one of a variety of special event cruises such as our Sydney New Years Eve Cruise, Boxing Day Cruise Sydney Harbour, Australia Day Sydney Harbour Cruise or Vivid Sydney Cruises.

Relax onboard 75 foot Cindy Bett as you cruise our wonderful national parks and beaches. Call one of our friendly staff to discuss your boat charter needs today!

  • Cruise on  Luxury Motor Boat
  • Length: 21 meters
  • Flexible layout
  • Fully air conditioned vessel
  • Spacious indoor & outer decks for viewing
  • In-house dedicated team to achieve a high level of event organisation
  • Superb views
  • Fully licensed bar
  • Spacious dance floor & LED Light Show
  • Spectacular views of the wonderful port hacking river system.

Sydney Premium Charters is the BEST !!!!! PARTY.



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Christmas Work Party Cruise Cronulla

Another wonderful crew on board our beautiful vessel Cindy Bett for a late Christmas Cruise down the Port Hacking River.

70 foot of cruising room allows you to bring up to 36 people very comfortably and in style. Come on down to Cronulla and enjoy the surrounding national parks and river system Swimming and much more.

We cater for all events and Parties fully licensed and catered an awesome day to remember.

Fishing, Cruising, birthdays, decade parties, work Functions, corporate, and anything FUN.

Port hacking Party Cruises Cronulla, Sydney.




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Mahi Mahi on the Fad at It’s best

Mahi were simply on fire. Check out the pictures from this Years Fad fishing Season on Sydney Premium Charters.
Dolfin Fish or Mahi Mahi What ever you call it they were on fire. We nailed it again, A glorious day wonderful crew better fishing than anywhere in the world. Love Sydney Port hacking.
Sydney Premium Charters
Cronulla Fishing the Fads

Best Ever Fishing charter !!
Cronulla Sydney Premium Charters.

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Fish Burger with Oven Fries


  • 1/2 cup plain flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 1/2 cups fresh white breadcrumbs
  • 1 tablespoon lemon pepper (see note)
  • 700g whiting fillets (see note), bones and skin removed
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 40g butter, chopped
  • 4 hot dog buns, split, toasted
  • 80g baby rocket
  • 1/2 cup tartare sauce
  • Oven-baked chips, to serve
  • Lemon wedges, to serve

Select all ingredients



  • Step 1

Preheat oven to 150C. Place flour on a plate. Lightly beat eggs in a shallow bowl. Combine breadcrumbs and lemon pepper on a plate.

  • Step 2

Coat fish, 1 fillet at a time, in flour. Dip into egg, followed by breadcrumb mixture, gently pressing crumbs on with your fingertips. Transfer to a large plate.

  • Step 3

Heat oil and butter in a large, non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Cook fish, in batches, for 2 minutes each side or until cooked through. Transfer to a baking tray. Keep warm.

  • Step 4

Top hot dog bun bases with rocket, fish fillets, tartare sauce and bun tops. Serve with chips and lemon wedges.

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Bucks Day Cruise Cronulla

When you want to organise a great party in for your best mate getting married in Cronulla, look no further than a Bucks cruise Port hacking party boat whether it’s night and day. When you want the ultimate party, there’s no better option than Buck’s Party Sydney to organise your party from start to finish. If you need help in planning your party, Bucks cruise Cronulla night and day has a lot of ideas to make your special event unforgettable. Parties on Sydney Harbour can be planned as daytime outings, late night parties, or you can plan an entire weekend. An array of venues and entertainment ideas are available, you can decide on a booze cruise and let Sydney Premium Charters handle everything on the best party boat.

When your mate is getting married, it is mandatory that you throw him a great bachelor party to see goodbye to his freedom why not a stripper cruise. And one of the best ways to do this is to take one of the awesome Bucks Party Cruises we off. These cruises allow are great for celebrating bachelor parties, giving you the chance to celebrate your buddy’s last night as a single man in epic fashion. SydneyPremium Charters best cruises available on Port Hacking any day. With us at the helm, you will be able to celebrate like there is no tomorrow with your closest mates


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Eastern Pigfish


Eastern Pigfish, Bodianus unimaculatus(Gunther, 1862)

Male Eastern Pigfish are red above with a pinkish to white region on the side below the dorsal fin rays. The species occurs from southern Queensland to Victoria and also in New Zealand.

Standard Common Name

Eastern Pigfish

Alternative Name/s

Banded Pigfish, Black-spot Pigfish, Eastern Blackspot Pigfish, Pigfish, Reddish Blackspot Pigfish


Young Eastern Pigfish are pinkish with thin stripes on the sides of the body and red lines on the head.As a fish ages the lines become less evident. Males are red above with a pinkish to white region on the side below the dorsal fin rays. There is a black blotch on the dorsal fin spines.

Size range

The species grows to 45 cm in length.


Eastern Pigfish occur from southern Queensland to Victoria and also from New Zealand.

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Kingfish Fishing Charter Sushi Platter Cronulla

When you catch a bucket load of Kingfish the most amazing way to eat it is fresh still on the boat.
The Kingfish today were caught off Cronulla beach on the reefs around the corner from Sydney Harbour.
This kingfish lunch was caught on a deepsea fishing charter.Sydney premium Charters.

we love to catch Kingfish it’s the best fighting fish pound for pound by far out of any species.
King fish is Australia’s favourite past time fish to catch any time of day.
Sydney Harbour is with in reach of our famous kingfish grounds off Cronulla only a train trip away.
Enjoy a sun rise and jump on board one of our boats for the best fishing experience. Summer time the kings are in close to the rocks, Winter time the larger fish Coe in ad hang around the offshore reefs up to 120 meter deep.
Share and other species follow kingfish around so quite often we have a good by catch of assorted reefs dwelling species including Snapper, Sharks, Pearl Perch, Bar cod and lots more.

Sydney Premium Charters.

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Mahi Mahi Sports Fishing Cronulla

When the Mahi Mahi are on they are on like Donkey Kong !!
This season is proving to be no different with great scores of Mali getting taken from the fads and other floating objects off shore.

The stunning colourful Mahi Mahi ( sometimes known as Dolfin Fish ) are one if the regret species for anglers all over the globe, preferring warmer temperates these are our SUMMER Fish.
This season is by far one of the best seasons for a long time, we scored hundreds of these fish almost overtime we went out and got some crackers at that.
Check out the pictures of some of the fish we caught of Face book over the season, still a long time to go this year.
Marlin and Mahi off Sydney almost go hand in hand and its also been a great Marlin season.
Bring on the tropical weather for us fishing charter people please…
For more information please visit


Cronulla Charters 0455445566
Premium Service fishing charter

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Mesmerising Mermaids on Bux day Cronulla

I don’t know how to write this particular Bux day Cruise with us. I mean fun, naughty ( to say the least ) Boozy, athletically and especially aesthetically appealing. OMG.

I don’t know how much we had to do with the party on this one but I can tell you some thing it was the best best best ever.

How do we do it here at Sydney Premium Charters on Bucks days? I honestly don’t know, I think the pictures tell enough.

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Christmas Work Party Cruise – Amazing

Christmas time is the best time to party, the season is hot the weather is amazing and the work Christmas Parties Begin in full force, what better party to have than on Sydney Premium Charters ( CIND BETT ) to celebrate the end of year and into the Christmas holidays.

…Beautiful weather followed by amazing friends great staff and awesome boats – The boys gave us the best day ever… We had a little cruise but the weather was hot so we went for a swim just 1/2 hour after starting.
The drinks were flowing fast and the BBQ cranked up some awesome tucker.

Best work Christmas party ever see you next year Cronulla charters, Port hacking.

whole snapper with garlic and ginger
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Whole snapper with garlic and ginger


  • 8kg whole snapper, cleaned
  • 3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
  • 6cm piece fresh ginger, peeled, cut into matchsticks
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 2 tablespoons Chinese rice wine
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 2 green onions, thickly sliced
  • 1 long red chilli, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cup fresh coriander sprigs


  • Step 1

Preheat oven to 220C/200C fan-forced. Line a large baking tray with sides with foil, then baking paper.

  • Step 2

Wash fish under cold water. Pat dry with paper towel. Place on prepared tray.

  • Step 3

Sprinkle garlic and ginger over fish. Combine soy sauce, fish sauce, rice wine and oil in a jug. Pour over fish. Cover tray tightly with foil. Roast for 40 to 45 minutes or until fsh fakes easily when tested with a fork. Transfer to a warmed serving platter. Sprinkle with onion, chilli and coriander sprigs. Serve.


River Cruise - Pirate Party
By micknmal

River Cruise – Pirate Party

Even though we didn’t have Johnny Depp on board, everyone still ran riot and had a great time.

From the second this party started we knew these guys and girls where in for some fun.

10/10 for the costumes and 12/10 for the music and partying !!

The Port Hacking River still to this day hasn’t seen a better pirate party than this….


By micknmal

Kids birthday Party Cruise Cronulla

Well did the kids enjoy themselves… Ummm yes I think so. Did the patrons enjoy themselves even more ?? Hahaha Yes is safe to say they all had the cruise of there lives
We started this 4 hour cruise with the most glorious weather with a slow fun filled cruise down south west arm Port hacking, the kids could not decide on fishing or swimming first, so we did both caught a few bream, cracked out the lily pad and all of a sudden there was 20 kids in the water on the Lilly pad

The birthday cake was amazing and we are very sorry we stayed over time but we just had such a good time.
Cronulla Boating and Sydney Premium Charters has done it again.

Check out our FB page for more info

Or of course call me at any stage for a booking or quote

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Hens Day Idea – Boat Cruise Charter Cronulla Sydney !

Sydney Premium Charters  are your number 1 Cronulla Port Hacking Cruise specialist offering flexible and affordable private charter Cronulla Cruise packages for all your function needs. We cater for corporate events, birthdays, Christmas parties, school formals, Work parties, & all celebrations and occasions.

Private Charter Sydney Premium Charter Cruises with flexible function solutions for all events.

Enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner cruise or one of a variety of special event cruises such as our Sydney New Years Eve Cruise, Boxing Day Cruise Sydney Harbour, Australia Day Sydney Harbour Cruise or Vivid Sydney Cruises.

Relax onboard 75 foot Cindy Bett as you cruise our wonderful national parks and beaches. Call one of our friendly staff to discuss your boat charter needs today!

  • Cruise on  Luxury Motor Boat
  • Length: 21 meters
  • Flexible layout
  • Fully air conditioned vessel
  • Spacious indoor & outer decks for viewing
  • In-house dedicated team to achieve a high level of event organisation
  • Superb views
  • Fully licensed bar
  • Spacious dance floor & LED Light Show
  • Spectacular views of the wonderful port hacking river system.



tangled snapper deep sea fishing
By micknmal

Tangled Snapper gets Caught !

We all hate tangles, although when you bring up a six way tangled with a snapper like this… WHO CARES !!!

We all voted to get tangles every time if this was going to happen.

This snapper was caught on a Deep Sea Fishing Charter from Cronulla in 80m of water off Stanwell Park.

By micknmal

Blue Eye Cod success

Blue eye Cod with Sydney Premium Charters is the very best and by far the most Premium FUN Experience you will ever have Fishing for Blue eye.
We offer it all from The latest Electric technology rigged with genuine 3 hook leaders and Lumo attractors like the Sword fish Long liners use.
Top this off with Music Awesome supplied food including Cheese toasties, Cookies Muffins Light refreshments and a Massive BBQ on the way back in, top that off with The fastest charter boat in Sydney, BAM !

Blue eye off Sydney is really deep water fishing. With a start depth of at about 450 meters the target is Blue Eye Cod, Bass Groper, Frost Fish, Giant Boar Fish, Gemfish, Hapuka, Alfonsin, Orange Roughy and Deep Sea Perch and Sharks of all kinds. There are other species that are caught at these depths. These deep water fishing trips are only done in the winter and earlier spring months when these species come onto deep water reefs to spawn. We use ELECTRIC BEAST MASTER Reels spooled with 80 lb braid to ensure you have the best chance of landing your catch. Terminal tackle is lump beads crimped wire and circle hook x 3 per drops.

Unlike a traditional old wooden Charter boat we have the option of hitting 30 knots and screaming out or trying out luck With Tuna Blue fun and Yellow Fin and Albacore tuna when we want to try our luck or we see something that warrants an attempt.

Sydney Premium Blue Eye fishing Charters is the best !!!

By micknmal

Winter Snapper Off Cronulla Best Charter

Winter time the Larger Breading Snapper come in close to shore to give us the opportunity to catch the fish of a life time.
Sydney Premium Charters has it’s favourite reef system off Stanwell Park to target these big fish, and I’ll tell you some thing we go pretty good most days.

Big Snapper like the one in the picture are highly sort after on fishing Charters off Sydney
Sydney Premium Charters is very consistent with catching large fish from May when the weather allows.
Good tidal flows and cold water see a huge amount of these fish come in for us to target early morning.
Deep Sea fishing comes with catches of Pearch Pig Fish King fish and sharks.

Check out the snapper on the web site for your chance at a beauty.

By micknmal

Lets get this Party Started. River Cruise Port Hacking Cronulla.

Another awesome day on the beautiful Port Hacking Rover Cronulla for the party goers on this Cruise.

I thought that I had seen some good drinkers in my day… Wowsers….. We here at Sydney premium Charters are all about fun and that was this top was all about. Thanks for the awesome company and great experience on the water.


How good is Sydney Premium Charters  !



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Bucks day The Shire – Cronulla Port Hacking Charter Boat Cruise

Oh yeah baby !  Honestly just do it ! everyone that goes on a cruise ALWAYS ALWAYS recommend s friends to do the same cruise. We must have the right recipe – awesome boat =, hot babes, great private huge boat, hot babes, discrete staff,  top tucker, BBQ, Lilly pads, Fishing rods, Swimming and jumping off the boat, Bar, wait staff, Hot girls, Hot girls.

Sydney Premium Charters Cronulla just knows how to party !

Call us for your next Bucks Day But Day Cruise.


0455445566 Best Buck Day Idea in Sydney !!!!!!!

Cronulla Rocks with chicks and Fun.






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Hens Party Cruise on the Beautiful Port Hacking River

Great Idea for the Hens Party is on The worlds best Party Boat.
We drank, We played Games, We Drank, We got too Drinking some more.
So much fun.

Thanks you to everyone at Sydney Premium Charters The catering is amazing and I would recommend any of my friends to have a Birthday Party or Bus Day Cruise or any other event with Sydney Premium Charters

The girls had such a good time drinking and partying, the Swimmer went on the sun belted down ad the drinks flowed HARD Hahah, loved it
Thank you so much for choosing your cruise in Cronulla on the Port Hacking River wonderful to have the sun out and such nice people on board our 70 foot Yacht

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Squid turned Calamari !!!! Yum and fun.

Catching squid from the rocks for bait or the table sounds like a good plan

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Despite the fact that calamari squid are very common along the NSW coastline, not a lot of people seem to pursue them.

They make first-class bait for a range of species, including jewfish, kings and snapper and are superb table fare.

The southern calamari squid prefers oceanic water and is most abundant over inshore reefs, close to the ocean rocks and the lower reaches of large bays and inlets. They differ from another common species, the arrow squid, which is more at home in our estuary systems.

Calamari are more like a football in shape, with wings that run the length of the body. Arrows, as the name suggests, have a more pointed body shape with triangular wings that are about half the length of the body.

Calamari grow much larger, with specimens of 2kg or 3kg reasonably common. They also have quite large eyes, with a prominent green ‘eyebrow’, which is why another name for them is the ‘green eye’ squid.

Although it’s not hard to catch good numbers of calamari from a boat, it’s probably more convenient for most of us to do it from the ocean rocks.

Having spent some time along the North Coast, I understand that not all headlands or rocks are suitable. However, the Central Coast, Sydney and South Coast are blessed with some very user-friendly rock platforms that are ideal places to catch calamari.

A good calamari spot needs to be safe, which works out well, because calamari prefer calmer water rather than washy, wave-lashed spots.

A reefy bottom is essential, so there’s no point in casting out over sand. Calamari also prefer areas with plenty of kelp growth, rather than just bare rock.

As for depth, that doesn’t really matter so much, as long as it’s not so shallow that a squid jig will snag up just after it splashes down. Most of my favourite spots are between 2m and 4m deep.

To help work out where and what you’re looking at when selecting a spot to try, polarised sunglasses are a must. Obviously, bottom structure may be hard to see in really deep water but on a sunny day around low tide, most bottom structure is visible.


A lightweight threadline outfit is the best bet when it comes to chasing calamari off the rocks. A 3m blackfish or whiting rod and a small to mid-sized threadline like a 3000 size spooled up with 4kg to 6kg braid or mono will do the trick. A shorter rod will be fine if you’re standing right at the water’s edge, without more rocks in front of you.

Basically, the rod needs to have a light sort of tip to help cast the squid jigs and absorb the pressure exerted on the legs of the hooked calamari. If you’re not careful, a bit too much force with a stiff rod can tear the soft leg of the squid and then it’s gone and won’t come back.

Although squid can simply be lifted onto the rocks, I’ve found that a long-handled landing net means a lot more squid are landed. In fact, these days I don’t go squidding without my landing net.

When using braid it’s important to employ a 2m leader of fluorocarbon or mono, because squid have very keen eye sight. There are specialist fluorocarbons on the market which have been designed with squidding in mind, so they may be worth investing in if you really get into this game. I’ve been using 4kg to 7kg Sunline fluorocarbon and favour the Sunline FC Rock, it’s very hard-wearing around the rocks.

One area where it pays not to skimp out is with the squid jigs. It’s plain and simple – higher quality squid jigs catch more squid and last longer. Sizes from 2.5 up to 4.5 can be used off the rocks, but in most cases a size 3 or 3.5 is perfect.

On the subject of sizes, it’s been proven that larger jigs will catch larger calamari, but the big ones aren’t always present so that’s why it’s a good idea to start off with a 3 or 3.5.

Squid jigs come in a wide variety of colours and styles. When using the basic style of jig, I’ve found pink or orange work better than blue or green. Over the past six months, though, I’ve been using Yamashita Naturals, which come in several different more natural-looking colours. These are very high quality jigs and they also have quite a reflective sheen that glimmers in the water. Of these, I favour the more golden or bronzy colours.

Another Yamashita model that has come in very handy is the Oh Q Sen, which is a slow-sinking squid jig. After getting frustrated with snagging and losing jigs in some of the shallow spots I squid at, I tried these and haven’t lost one yet.


Calamari can be caught throughout the day at any stage of the tide. The best times, however, are around sunrise or sunset, when they come out looking for a feed and are easier to catch.

In some places a low tide may be best so that you can get closer to reef or kelp while other spots may be better at high tide because they are simply too shallow at low.

The technique is pretty straightforward.

Simply cast out and allow the jig to sink down towards the reef or kelp. Obviously, the aim isn’t to snag up but the closer to the bottom structure you can get the jig, the greater the chances of it taking a squid’s interest.

Once the jig has reached the desired depth, give it a couple of sharp twitches with the rod and then pause for a few seconds. Keep repeating this process until the jig nears the rocks in front of you.

Try to avoid too much slack line during the retrieve so it’s easy to feel when a squid grabs the jig. When it does grab, give a gentle strike to set the hook but don’t strike too heavily, as that may simply rip the jig out.

Keep the pressure on and if it’s a big calamari, allow it to pulsate on the line rather than trying to bully it in. As it nears the rocks, it should come up to the surface and spurt out some black ink. Now it’s time to slip the landing net under it or wash it out with the wave action.

At this stage, make sure the squid is pointing away from you because there’s a good chance it will spurt out more ink and you don’t want a faceful of this horrific black mess.

Just pick it up, remove the jig and give it a sharp tap on the head to quickly and humanely dispatch it. Store the calamari in a cool place until you’re ready to go home.

If they are intended to be used for bait, I find it’s best to keep them intact and store them in a freezer bag. That way all the fish-attracting black ink and gut stays in the calamari.

If, however, they are for the dinner table, it’s a good idea to clean them on the spot rather than making a mess back at home.

A long-handled landing net comes in handy when squidding off the rocks

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Another Awesome South Coast Fishing Trip From Cronulla Snapper time !!

Simply amazing Snapper seasons once again with the outer reefs producing all our big fish this winter snapper season.
Cronulla fishing charters port hacking with Sydney premium Charters nailed again and again, this is the very best snapper season we have ever had with some fish going up to 7kgs 1/2 hour fights on 15 kg gear and in huge numbers.
Our best was 85 snapper over 2 kgs and taking home 2 fish each with 12 people so realised a lot of fish back into the sea to bread and fight again another day.
We released a fair amount of larger ones and only kept the ones… so called table size.
Here is another snapper we released

Please note that Port hacking is by far the best port for fishing this season out of Sydney
MicknMal 0455445566

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Reef Fishing Charter Sydney Cronulla Premium Charter

REEF FISHING IN SYDNEY with Sydney Premium Charters

Sydney Premium offers a comfortable, Very fast, safe and BIG boats.

The best and fastest Charter boats in that operate from Cronulla Hands down..

Reef fishing out of Sydney provides the angler with a wide range of fish species. Some of these include the Awesome Snapper, Flathead & Long Finned Perch. You can even catch more exotic species like Pearl Perch. You really don’t know what to expect.

Sydney Premium Charters provides The best Day to Remember.


We supply quality rods & reels spooled with braided OR mono line, depending on the trip.
Chemically sharpened hooks and the best quality bait including Californian Squid.

Just Bring a camera and an hat this charter is a premium experience walk on walk off with your fish cleaned in a water proof fish bag.

On Sealord Reef fishing in Sydney we offer 2 trips per day. (Max.10 people)

What If?? You don’t have enough people to book the whole charter.

No hassle, just call us & we will be glad to put you with another group who is seeking extra people.

Are you new to fishing, maybe it’s your first time? No worries, our professional & friendly crew will assist you with all aspects of Reef fishing.

Are you ready for that ULTIMATE ADVENTURE? Contact us now

Sydney Premium Charters

Premium Service indeed. !!

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RED GURNARD Favorite To Eat

Red Gurnard, Chelidonichthys kumu (Cuvier, 1829)

The Red Gurnard has brightly coloured pectoral fins that are used for display or startling potential predators.

Standard Common Name
Red Gurnard

The Red Gurnard has a bony head and a blunt snout that lacks spines. The body is covered with tiny cycloid scales. A row of enlarged scales forming thorn-like bucklers is present along the bases of both dorsal fins.

The species is red-brown to grey-brown above and pale below. The body has scattered red-brown blotches. The pectoral fins are greenish-grey with light blue spots. The margin is pale blue and there is a black blotch with white dots near the base.

Size range
The Red Gurnard grows to 50 cm in length.

The species is known from temperate marine waters of the Indo-West Pacific.

In Australia it occurs from southern Queensland, around the south of the country and north to the central coast of Western Australia.

The map below shows the Australian distribution of the species based on public sightings and specimens in Australian Museums. Source: Atlas of Living Australia.

Chelidonichthys kumu

Distribution by collection data
Ozcam map of Red Gurnard specimens in the Australian Museums.


It is known from shallow sandy beaches and estuaries (as juveniles) down to a depth of around 200 m.

It is most often encountered in trawler catches but is sometimes caught on hook and line.

Other behaviours and adaptations
It is believed that the fish will flair its brightly coloured pectoral fins as a display or to startle potential predators.


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Big Blue Marlin for John Cronulla Game fishing Charter

Big Marlin Game Fishing charter today out of Cronulla Port Hacking.
So the pressure was on to try and get John a fish in a small window. A quick chair demonstration to show 1st time heavy tackle angler Mark the ropes and we were away. As usual at the FADs at this time of year the Mahi Mahi were busting all around us, with lots of birds working the area but We decided to stick to chasing the ultimate goal of a Big Marlin so left the temptation of Mahi to work our usual Marlin spots. As usual the lure spread was representing some of the best lure craftsmen in the business with Kona Killer and Dingos lures taking the short corner and long corner. It wasn’t long before a good sized marlin appeared inside of the long corner, the fish was lit up with electric blue tail on full display. Just as the Captain gave the shout, the fish piled on the JB Dingo and line started to peel off the Shimano 80W. The fish gave a short display of thrashing turning the water white before screaming off into the distance. The crew had to move fast to clear the gear as this Marlin was not waiting for anyone. The speed of the run was blistering! In no time at all the top shot was off the reel and we were well into the dacron! Mal started chasing down on the fish to try and get some line back, despite it being his first time fishing out of the chair John put on a masterful display of angling with excellent technique and plenty of grit. As the top shot was safely back on the reel John made a few manoeuvres with the boat to encourage the fish to co-operate which she did and up she came. The look on the anglers face and the whole family as they saw a decent sized Blue Marlin swimming along was priceless. In around 30 minutes of fight Mike grabbed the leader and got the fish under control at the side of the boat. We Almost always release the fish and this was no exception with a quick swim and picture, off she swam. Estimation of 150 KG
What a great day out on Sydney premium Charters.

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Bluespotted Flathead

The temperate marine flatheads can be quite a challenge to identify. The Bluespotted Flathead usually has scattered blue spots on the back and a distinctive pattern of dark blotches on the tail.

Standard Common Name
Bluespotted Flathead

Alternative Name/s
Eastern Blue-spotted Flathead, Longnose Flathead, Red Spotted Flathead, Sand Flathead

The Bluespotted Flathead can be recognised by its sandy colour, scattered blue spots, and the series of elongated dark blotches on the tail. The blotches become progressively larger towards the bottom of the fin. The lower preopercular spine is distinctly longer than the upper.

Size range
The species grows to 68 cm in length.

The species is officially recorded from southern Queensland to eastern Victoria but may occur as far west as eastern South Australia.

The map below shows the Australian distribution of the species based on public sightings and specimens in Australian Museums. Source: Atlas of Living Australia.

Platycephalus caeruleopunctatus

Distribution by collection data
Ozcam map of Bluespotted Flathead specimens in the Australian Museums.


The Bluespotted Flathead is found on sandy bottoms from shallow coastal bays and estuaries to well offshore.

Feeding and Diet
It eats crustaceans and other fishes.

Economic/social impacts
The Bluespotted Flathead is a commercial trawl species which is marketed in Australia under the name Blue-spotted Flathead.